Writing Clearly, Concisely, Persuasively — and FAST!

Today’s readers are overloaded; they have no time, and at best, skim-read. Writing Dynamics™ shows you how to handle these challenges.

  • How to get the reader’s attention
  • How to ensure your key message is understood
  • To save you and your reader time

Our three-stage writing system helps you PLAN using creative and structured thinking; DRAFT in record time and EDIT for impact.

What Makes Writing Dynamics™ Different?

Aren’t all writing workshops pretty much the same? We don’t think so!

Our job is to create training programs that provide maximum benefit to our clients. That means designing a writing-skills workshop that focuses on:

  • Enhancing your productivity
  • Saving you time
  • Delivering real value on your bottom line

Writing Dynamics™ provides a complete, systematic approach to the writing process.

Clients and instructors tell us it’s the best business writing learning experience on the market!


Who Designed Writing Dynamics™?

The workshop was designed by Roger HB Davies, one of the founders of McLuhan & Davies, who has received national and international awards for writing, editing and graphic design.

He based the workshop on a writing career that extends over 30 years, involving editing professional magazines, scripting articles and marketing brochures.

What’s it about?

Writing Dynamics™ uses creative principles to lead participants through the three writing stages: Planning, Drafting and Editing.

The workshop is highly innovative, and guides participants through the complete writing process in an interactive and unique way.

How does it work?

To generate ideas and to develop a retrieval system, pencil is put to blank, yellow paper. Participants delight as their report, letter, or document appear before their eyes as one-page snapshots. Participants then convert this snapshot to a linear format and use persuasive structures to move the reader.

Why does it work?

Using creative processes and structure, drafting is made easy. Our system will save any writer time and prevent writer’s block. Time can then be invested into editing for maintaining the reader’s attention, increasing the document’s energy and ensuring the writing appeals visually.

Writing Dynamics™ will help you get the results you need to meet your goals.

Writing clearly, concisely, persuasively — and fast.

Clarity. Brevity. Impact.®

20 Years’ Experience — with a Proven, Innovative Product