Think on Your Feet®

The Internationally Acclaimed Workshop That Trains You to Organize Your Ideas FAST!

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Available in: English, German, Russian, French, Polish, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), also available in Braille

Workshop Customization


You can enjoy the benefits of a workshop tailored to your company and industry. Through briefings with our Customer Service Managers we will customize the workshop to fit your needs. Once an instructor is selected, he or she will contact you to find out more about the participants and what you want the training to accomplish.

For more information, please contact:
Diane Shrimpton

On-Site Advantages

Besides the obvious benefits of reduced costs, choosing suitable dates and finding convenient venues, your staff will enjoy these highlights of on-site training.

  • Creating consistency and standards through team learning
  • Ensuring participants transfer new skills to their jobs
  • Improving teamwork by sharing problems, pressures and ideas

We have experience adapting the Think on Your Feet® core program to meet the needs of certain disciplines.

  • Financial Services
  • Human Resources and Training
  • Legal, Accounting, Consulting
  • Pharmaceutical and Health Care
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Technical and Scientific


Think on Your Feet® for Law

We’ve tailored our Think on Your Feet® workshop for the legal profession. Think on Your Feet® for Law is a one-day custom program that shows you how to structure ideas and make your arguments flow. You can use Think on Your Feet® to:

  • Persuade
  • Negotiate
  • Sell your ideas and services

With Think on Your Feet®, you will improve your confidence in speaking, increase your credibility and improve your listeners’ retention. Our expert trainer will show you how to:

  • Answer questions on the spot
  • Explain complex ideas clearly
  • Be remembered

Legal Applications

  • Court appearances — Communicate with precision
  • Conference calls / Negotiations
  • Meeting with clients and colleagues

Workshop Content

Our Think on Your Feet® program is relevant to all types of professionals. For the legal community, we have customized the content with exercises and examples in legal terminology.

Think on Your Feet® is about structure in speaking. Structure provides clarity, brevity, and impact.®

  • Clarity — Because ideas clearly presented are persuasive.
  • Brevity — Because getting to the point and presenting key arguments precisely is essential. Too much information usually hurts rather than helps.
  • Impact — you have impact when you cause a shift in perspective and opinion. We present our content using formats that move and influence people.