Think on Your Feet®

The Internationally Acclaimed Workshop That Trains You to Organize Your Ideas FAST!

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Available in: English, German, Russian, French, Polish, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), also available in Braille


Why is Think on Your Feet® Unique?


Over 95% of workplace communication is informal. We help you prepare for:

  • Off-the-cuff discussions
  • Elevator speeches
  • Q&A
  • Meetings
  • Summaries
  • Status updates
  • Conference calls

Think on Your Feet® is the only workshop addressing these informal situations, providing you with the skills to present, defend, and discuss a position persuasively and quickly.


Think on Your Feet® will show you how to:

  • Use the best communication strategy for each situation
  • Focus a topic into bite-sized chunks for easy retention
  • Present ideas clearly, concisely, and memorably


Think on Your Feet® advances communication-skill practice with its 10 structures to help you quickly organize your ideas—even (and especially) under pressure:

These 10 structures use 3 simple communication strategies:

  • Informative – packaging information logically and succinctly
  • Assertive – positioning arguments to persuade your audience
  • Visual – appealing to your audience with images and analogies


Canadian Construction Association

TGold-Seal-logo-RGB-copyhe National Gold Seal Committee has confirmed that this course has been accepted for accreditation by the Gold Seal Accreditation Board. You can now apply 2 credits towards your Gold Seal Accreditation with the Canadian Construction Association.