Successful Client Relationships™

Become a trusted advisor to your highest-priority clients.

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Who Should Attend

As organisations seek to respond to the challenges of a volatile global economy, the challenges they voice are surprisingly consistent.

Here are three typical comments:

  • Our client relationships are not as good as we would like, or even as good as we thought they were
  • We need to find ways to differentiate from our competitors on factors other than price
  • We need to seek out broader opportunities for the whole business as opposed to a silo approach

Successful Client Relationships™ shows participants how to:

  • Identify the true nature of existing client relationships, and it provides a framework for measuring relationship strength and security
  • Build (or re-build) trust with customers / clients / suppliers
  • Communicate and deliver value, as a means of earning trust and loyalty
  • Broaden relationships beyond current boundaries, as a means of identifying additional opportunities
  • Balance the need for immediate business results with the development of genuine trust and collaboration