Successful Client Relationships™

Become a trusted advisor to your highest-priority clients.

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The ability to build immediate rapport, and develop sustainable, trust-based partnerships with clients is now universally acknowledged as the most effective way to ensure survival and long-term success.

But building such partnerships requires the development of a very particular skill-set and mindset – and the fact is that very few sales professionals have been formally trained in these skills, or have the mindset to support them.

Successful Client Relationships™ is a rapport building workshop that introduces in-the-moment tools which can be used immediately in client-facing situations, to establish rapport, develop trust, and interact with credibility and impact. In addition, the workshop shows you how to consistently adopt the mindset you need if you are to become a Trusted Advisor to your priority clients.


The events of 2008, when we experienced a global recession, taught many organizations a painful lesson, as many of them realized that they had been relying on relationships built on very shaky foundations.

One example, which serves as a warning of what it means to ignore the value of sustainable, trust-based relationships is that of a well-known global financial institution, whose accounts at the end of December, 2007 showed that their “goodwill and other intangible assets” were valued at just over US$5 billion.

12 Months later, in December, 2008, that number was just over US$2.6 billion – a reduction of a staggering US$2.4 billion, in the value of a single company.

A significant constituent of the “goodwill and other intangibles” was the value of relationships.

Even now, companies around the world are finding that the effort required to regain the trust of lost clients or damaged relationships is immense, and very costly.

In the post-2008 Economy, companies are starting to understand that a very specific skill-set, and a genuine, honest, client-oriented mindset is required for sustainable business success.

Successful Client Relationships™ was designed to help salespeople adopt the right attitudes to build rapport, and develop into Trusted Advisors to their clients.

The skill-set they take from this workshop includes all the tools they need to demonstrate a genuine willingness to listen to client needs and to respond with real value.

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