The Skilled Presenter™

Fine-tuning your delivery style for more dynamic & persuasive presentations.

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Virtual Reality

Introducing The Skilled Presenter VR™


The industry-leading presentation skills course is now available with the world’s fastest-growing training technology.

Virtual reality is the go-to for impactful learning experiences, because the most relevant, challenging conditions can be simulated in perfect safety. We’re pleased to offer this technology to give learners a decisive edge as they become better presenters.



In The Skilled Presenter Virtual Reality™ participants will:

  • learn to handle challenging and unexpected situations that can happen during a presentation (interruptions, disinterested/uncooperative audience, and more)
  • get real time, objective data on their strengths and weaknesses—the software monitors every aspect of the speaker’s performance (gestures, eye contact, voice and more)
  • learn at their own level—the virtual experience is customizable for each person based on their skill and experience


Here’s what some recent participants have said!


“This was my first experience with virtual reality. What I loved is […] you very quickly forget about the technology,  and become immersed in the presentation.  It’s called virtual reality, but it ended up feeling more real than a live presentation. Within a very short time you’re thinking of these characters as real, and the situations as real, and the expectation for you to deliver a presentation is very real.”

 – Carolyn Weckesser from Mathnasium



“The Skilled Presenter VR™ was an immersive experience. It definitely felt real.It accentuated some of the challenges you have when you’re learning to be a presenter. It had you thinking about the core skills taught earlier in the session, and you get real-time feedback.

-Marissa Andersson from The Home Depot Canada