The Skilled Presenter™

Fine-tuning your delivery style for more dynamic & persuasive presentations.

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Available in: English, French

Workshop Customization

The modular workshop format of The Skilled Presenter™ allows you to adapt the course easily to different groups.

The tailoring process starts by focusing on audiences that participants commonly address, and specific subjects that they want presented clearly.

On-Site Advantages

Besides the obvious benefits of reduced costs, choosing suitable dates and finding convenient venues, your staff will enjoy these highlights of on-site training.

  • Creating consistency and standards through team learning
  • Ensuring participants transfer new skills to their jobs
  • Improving teamwork by sharing problems, pressures and ideas

We regularly adapt The Skilled Presenter™ for certain professional uses.

  • Sales Presentations
  • Technical and Scientific Presentations
  • Train-the-Trainer Workshops
  • Team Presentations or “Road Shows”
  • Presentation of Financial Analyses and Results