The Skilled Presenter™

Fine-tuning your delivery style for more dynamic & persuasive presentations.

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The Skilled Presenter™ workshop examines how to deliver an effective presentation. Fine-tune your delivery style with this public speaking course that focuses on making your presentations dynamic, engaging and persuasive. Gain confidence, overcome public speaking anxiety and craft memorable presentations with The Skilled Presenter™.

We review the presentation skills that professional speakers use to prepare and deliver structured presentations.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have learned how to:

  • Structure presentations in ways that match the message to the audience in your public speaking
  • Compile ideas clearly
  • Turn nervousness into energy and increased confidence
  • Use eye contact, gestures and body language naturally
  • Give examples that make your subject memorable
  • Improve voice projection and modulation
  • Use audience-involving techniques to sell ideas
  • Design and use graphics to add impact and appeal
  • Use innovative memory devices
  • Keep presentations on track while fielding questions
  • Use language an audience can understand
  • Respond to listeners of different backgrounds and cultural values
  • Integrate PowerPoint® and Keynote® into a presentation



The Skilled Presenter™ workshop teaches skills needed to deliver a successful presentation.

The core program is a two-day workshop comprising practice sessions, coaching and feedback (one- and three-day workshops also available).

During the workshop participants deliver stand-up presentations, and receive feedback from the instructor and other participants.

Each participant receives a DVD of the presentations they have delivered. This provides a record of their presentations, with feedback, and shows their progress.

Special exercises and activities have been designed to:

  • Improve voice dynamics
  • Create memorable examples
  • Use language the audience can understand
  • Prepare graphics that add impact to presentations

This Presentation Workshop is Taught Around the World!

On-site and public workshops across North America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Europe.

Canadian Construction Association

TGold-Seal-logo-RGB-copyhe National Gold Seal Committee has confirmed that this course has been accepted for accreditation by the Gold Seal Accreditation Board. You can now apply 2 credits towards your Gold Seal Accreditation with the Canadian Construction Association.