Corporate Accreditation

Transform the Quality of Communication in Your Workplace.


We can train individuals within your own company to deliver our workshops after completing our accreditation and licensing process.

This 4-day process is the most effective way to bring these structured communication techniques to your workplace.

Our accreditation programs teach you how to deliver the workshops, and certify you to use them for employees in your


Candidate Information

This program is designed for experienced corporate and trainers representing their organization for in-house sessions. Independent Trainers and Consultants cannot acquire rights to distribute any workshops unless they are contracted by McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc.

Once approved, each candidate will be required to sign an Accreditation Agreement with McLuhan & Davies Communications. The accreditation process is broken down into two phases:

  • PHASE 1 – Attend one of our workshops in person
  • PHASE 2 – Trainer Accreditation Event – 2 days


The Process

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The accreditation process starts after you’ve participated in the workshop. Trainers typically become familiar with the course by attending a public workshop, or participating in a workshop delivered within their organization.
Spend two days with one of our Master Trainers who will coach you on how to facilitate all aspects of the workshop, how to handle participant questions and how to tailor the session to meet the needs of your internal audience
When you become a licensed trainer, you become part of an exclusive global network. This network offers ongoing support, regular updates and techniques to help you deliver and perform with maximum impact.

Read and Study Instructor’s Manual

We will provide you with an Instructor’s Manual that contains the workshop design, step-by-step instructions and tips on how to run the workshop smoothly. We also provide you with overheads integral to the design and delivery of the workshop.

Three Days of Consultation

The first Accreditation session consists of 2 days in which we cover the following:

  • Theory underlying the content
  • Teaching tips to facilitate aspects of the workshop
  • Refining your examples to work well
  • Tips on handling participants’ questions
  • Tips on giving feedback
  • Tips on how other clients have adapted the workshop to meet the needs of their participants

The next Accreditation session involves a 1-day follow-up session (usually via phone or E-mail). This allows us to tailor the Accreditation process, based on the individual’s progress over the first two days.


Workshops Available For Accreditation:

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