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In-house training tailored exclusively for your team.

Workshop Customization

Every workshop involves degrees of customization to consider your real-work challenges and specific training goals.

Content, as well as activities within the program, can be adjusted. Corporate-specific examples can be used for practice drills, and aspects of the program may be emphasized to suit the assessed needs.

Our consultants will discuss your objectives by conducting a needs analysis to help them highlight areas that resonate with your group(s).  Utilizing your job-specific scenarios and examples allows us to tailor the delivery of content and activities, ensuring immediate resonation, retention and application for your learners.


Discover Our Customized Applications

After consultation with the client, we combine modules from both courses stressing techniques that would most benefit participants.

Our globally acclaimed workshops have infinite applications. We have a large list of different ways your team or company can apply our training to your everyday communication including special events with some region we can deliver.


Bring Training to Your Next Retreat

Whether you’re planning an annual sales meeting, corporate retreat or learning forum, take your event to the next level by incorporating our communication-skills workshops. These sessions are designed to support and enhance your business and planning goals.


Whether you have two days or two hours to dedicate to communications training – we’ll help develop a solution that meets your needs! 


In-house Advantages

Besides the obvious benefits of reduced costs, choosing suitable dates and finding convenient venues, your staff will enjoy these highlights of on-site training:

  • Consistency and standards created through team learning
  • Ensured transfer of new skills to their jobs
  • Improved teamwork through the sharing problems, pressures and ideas
Workshops typically run for two days and follow a 10-module format but we can adjust the program to fit your timeline and schedule. On-site workshops can train groups as small as 10 or as large as 24, depending on your region. Just contact us and we can discuss how to make our training work for you. ­
Participants are asked to come prepared with questions they commonly hear, issues they confront, and specific subjects that they need to present clearly. We also provide a professionally bound  workshop manual that is used throughout the workshop and provides a post-course reference. That’s yours to keep!
On-site workshops will teach your entire team how to communicate together more effectively. This will save your company time, costly errors and build a stronger team dynamic.

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