Announcements/Press Releases

McLuhan & Davies’ COO, Amanda James, speaks with Your Workplace Magazine about surprising ways communications training is changing.

Your Workplace Magazine – March/April 2019

McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc. announces exclusive UK distributor

News Release – September 20, 2018

New Blended-Learning Course Uses Virtual Reality to Help Conquer Fear of Public Speaking

Canadian Newswire – August 21, 2018

Amanda James is Appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Think on Your Feet International, Inc. – September 15, 2017

McLuhan & Davies Communications Wins Readers’ Choice Award for Employee Communications Training 

Canadian Newswire – July 10, 2017

McLuhan & Davies Communications Launches Dr. Edward de Bono Thinking Systems® Training Across Canada and the USA

Canadian Newswire

New E-Learning Course Breaks Down the Communication Barrier and Teaches How to Adapt and Connect With Others

Canadian Newswire – November 22, 2016

New Web Series Shares the Secret to a High-performing Millennial Employee

Canadian Newswire – May 10, 2016

New Communication-Skills Workshop Gives Students a Competitive Edge

Canadian Newswire – May 4, 2015

McLuhan & Davies Communications Inc. awarded “Business of the Year: Global Reach” (PDF)

Toronto Region Board of Trade – November 21, 2013

It’s back to the future for presentations (PDF)

Globe and Mail – August 2009

How to think on your feet (PDF)
Globe and Mail – April 20, 2009

Roger HB Davies Receives Major Industry Award (PDF)
News Release – February 26, 2008

How to truly match your message to your audience (PDF)
Canadian HR Reporter, April 9, 2007

When the tedium is the message (PDF)
The Toronto Star – November 5, 2004

9 steps for handling international communication (PDF)
Canadian HR Reporter, October 25, 2004

How to master the art of thinking quickly on your feet
Globe and Mail, July 10, 2004

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