Public Workshops

Our public workshops provide a perfect opportunity for individuals looking to enhance their professional development and for small teams interested in receiving valuable training outside of their organization. Our sessions are interactive and allow a platform for participants to learn in a blended environment of various roles, experiences and industries — all while receiving the same foundational training.



Think on Your Feet®

The Internationally Acclaimed Workshop That Trains You to Organize Your Ideas FAST!



The Skilled Presenter™

Fine-Tuning Your Delivery Style for More Dynamic & Persuasive Presentations



Writing Dynamics™

Writing Clearly, Concisely, Persuasively – and FAST!



Grammar on the Rocks™

How to Stay Afloat When You Communicate


Think on Your Feet® LINKS

How Boomers, Gen-X and Gen-Y Can Shift Communication Styles for a More Collaborative Workforce



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