Polishing your E-Style™

Project a polished image through all online communications and build relationships through email.

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Available in: English

Course Content & Materials

Course Content

Polishing your E-Style™ is an interactive one-day workshop that provides guidelines for using email as a persuasive, professional and productive form of business communication.

The core program is filled with effective tips and strategies, lots of practice, coaching and feedback.

Understanding How Communication Works

  • Examining the art of good communication so your message is understood
  • Applying these skills to make the most of one-way messaging
  • Learning when email is the right medium for the message

Appealing to Communication Preferences

  • Understanding your audience by quickly identifying communication preferences
  • Using our guidelines to make your message appeal to all communication styles
  • Adding persuasion and a personal touch to technology

Engaging Your Audience

  • Using words alone to communicate good manners and maintain a professional image
  • Learning email protocol to add value to your reader’s Inbox and prevent legal and professional problems
  • Choosing language that will persuade your readers and get the results you want
  • Building relationships by being tactful and making the right choices when dealing with difficult or emotional emails
  • Replying options and etiquette to prevent misunderstandings and save time by clarifying and questioning

Composing email that Gets Results

  • Applying structure to create professional messages to enhance your credibility
  • Using our email template as a time-saving reference tool
  • Opening and closing techniques to make your message more interactive and build support
  • Formatting techniques for a clear and concise message that is easy to read and to the point
  • Writing subject lines that sell your message, get results and create a memorable first impression

Managing Your Inbox

  • Creating an email filing system to help eliminate email overload
  • Processing shortcuts and using tools to manage your messages quickly and efficiently
  • Applying time management strategies to increase productivity and improve quality of time spent on email


Every participant receives a copy of the Polishing Your E-Style™ workbook. to use as a reference during and after the course

Samples and templates to use at work are provided.