Polishing your E-Style™

Project a polished image through all online communications and build relationships through email.

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From writing emails to texting and blogging, creating professional online communications is more essential than ever.

This workshop will have you engaging your e-audience, understanding your online personal brand, managing your inbox and composing emails that get results! You’ll emerge a more skilled and confident communicator for all aspects of your business life.


“Email may be the most powerful software on your PC, if not the most dangerous — as a productivity and legal threat.”
By Roger HB Davies, CEO, McLuhan & Davies Communications

Could email provide one of the greatest challenges in business today? And we don’t fully realize it?

In fact, do we really understand how to use the technology?

These questions might occur to every executive, every manager, every employee, indeed anyone who owns a personal computer.

In our opinion, email is the most powerful piece of software on your computer, if not potentially the most dangerous. It probably poses the biggest productivity threat currently. And your risk and exposure is more than you might realize.

Email’s sheer impact on the workplace is of epidemic proportions, striking every business, every government department, and every workplace, worldwide.

You might think this an exaggeration, but let’s examine some facts:

Polishing Your E-Style™ is an online personal brand workshop that teaches you to optimize your online presence and better engage with your e-audience. Learn how to manage your inbox, write for social media channels and compose emails that get results.

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