Think on Your Feet® PITCH PERFECT

Drive Action. Influence Decisions. Get Results.

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Course Content & Materials

Course Content

Think on Your Feet® PITCH PERFECT is highly interactive. Adult learning principles are incorporated by design. Real-work challenges are used in practice to ensure a stimulating experience and immediate applicability. Our small group setting allows for hands-on learning and personalized feedback.


Understand Your Audience, Stakeholder Needs And Structure Your Message


Module 1 : Assess, Adapt, Apply

  • Identify and adapt to audience communication preferences to help you relate, engage and connect more effectively.

Module 2: Structure Your Message to Explain and Inform

  • Learn your three-part proprietary communication systems. use analytical thought and enhance listener comprehension by placing ideas into a simple, cohesive framework. Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to use a structured reasoning effective when faced with spontaneous questions.

Module 3: Play the 7-Question Game™ to Ensure Your Listener Is Top of Mind

  • Address stakeholder needs by anticipating their questions and concerns

Module 4: Brain-Scan Grid™: Positioning Your Ideas

  • Identify your listener’s hopes and fears to uncover the best way to tailor your pitch

Module 5: Gaining Buy-in or Changing Someone’s Mind 

  • Take control of the conversation by shifting your listener’s perspectives. Learn to tactfully negotiate to create a win-win outcome.

Module 6: Selling the Benefits of Your Ideas, Products and Services 

  • Present the listener with clear benefits supported by features. Learn how to effectively identify advantages for each listener

Structure the Perfect Pitch and Present With Impact to Obtain Commitment


Module 7: Using Bridging Techniques for Successful Q&A 

  • Bridging ensures you answer the right question and handle objections and tough questions positively. Learn how to buy time and gather your thoughts.

Module 8:Turning Nervousness into Positive Energy 

  • Take our exclusive Confidence Test, understand your results and learn how to handle nerves in any situation.

Module 9: Ensure Your Message Resonates 

  • Use examples, opposites and cause and effect reasoning to increase impact, understanding and recall. Adding concrete details to reinforce your message.

Module 10: Making a stronger Impact Using Voice, Gestures and Body Language 

  • Exude confidence and convince your listeners with the right stance, movement, eye contact and vocal inflection.

Module 11: Prepare for the Unexpected: Compose the Perfect Pitch in 10 Minutes or Less 

  • Use our proprietary techniques to put together a professional presentation with little or no time to prepare

Module 12: Adapting Your Pitch to the Medium 

  • Learn how to adjust your pitch to a variety of settings, including: one-on-one and small group meetings, formal presentations, video conferencing, telephone calls, etc.