Course Content & Materials


Typical Half-Day Agenda

Introduction: Avoiding the Rocks

I. A Refresher on the Building Blocks

  • Nouns
  • Verbs
  • Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions, Pronouns

II. Must Know! (Major Rocks)

A detailed review of the most common mistakes in English grammar

  • Apostrophes
  • Plurals
  • Subject-Verb Agreement

III. Nice to Know (Minor Rocks)

These may be nice to know — but they are among the most common challenges and a source of confusion

  • Colon
  • Semicolon
  • Punctuation of Lists
  • Was/Were
  • I/Me
  • Myself
  • Which/That
  • That/Which/Who
  • Who/Whom
  • Hyphen Usage (Compound Adjectives)
  • And/But (At start of a sentence)
  • Ellipsis (…)
  • Period (full stop) inside or outside “quotes”?
  • Similar but Different

IV. Fine Points (Submerged Rocks)

Old chestnuts!

  • Preposition at the end of a sentence?
  • Can you use a Split Infinitive?


The Grammar on the Rocks™ workbook invites attendees to discover grammar guidelines through clear explanations and plenty of exercises. Participants learn by comparing notes with each other and discussing their answers with our expert.

The manual divides grammar, punctuation and usage points into three categories.

  1. Major rocks that will sink you — and your career, if not your company’s credibility
  2. Minor rocks that may or may not sink you — though you need to know about them
  3. Submerged rocks — representing fine points of English grammar, which even experts often look up