You sit in a boat rowing to the shore. Ahead of you lie rocks. Some you can easily clear. Some will sink you. Some you may not even see until you hit them!

These are the rocks of English grammar.

You cannot be aware of every rock, but with a little guidance, you will learn which rocks you can handle instantly and when to seek a reference book.

Grammar on the Rocks™ is a lively half-day workshop that will help you navigate these risky waters and reach your destination – polished, professional communications – in one piece.

Topics include:

  • How to avoid the top 12 most avoidable errors.
  • Fine points that you need to know.
  • How to reinforce good grammar in your kids!
  • Sources for solving grammatical challenges.
  • Grammar tips, drills, practice, shortcuts.

Grammar on the Rocks™ is designed and led by knowledgeable writers/editors – people who have done their homework and enjoy sharing their experience and insights with participants.


English has always adapted to changes in written and verbal usage. Even if you paid full attention in your grade-school English classes, some of the rules have evolved. Also, different standards apply in different countries.

Grammar on the Rocks™ answers many of the nagging questions business writers face.

  • When do I use a semicolon, and why?
  • Which spelling means main – principle or principal?
  • Does the comma go inside the close quotation mark or outside?
  • Can I ever start a sentence with And or But?
  • Is it acceptable to end a sentence with a preposition occasionally?

The workshop uses many examples to highlight lesser-known grammatical points, as well as shows why a rule exists and how it applies to other situations.