Effective Workplace Relationships™

Increase your value by developing truly collaborative, trust-based relationships with colleagues and stakeholders

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Available in: English

Course Content & Materials

Course Content

This interactive workshop introduces concepts and tools that are practiced and then applied to relevant workplace situations.

The Octagon™ Behavioural Questionnaire

Understand your own behaviour in a range of situations, and its impact on relationships.

Learn how to adapt your behaviour to build rapport and to develop and maintain trust.


Identify different types of workplace relationship, and learn how to improve them.

Trust and how to build it

Identify the key components of trust-based relationships as well as the potential obstacles to building trust.

In-the-moment skills

Learn a range of skills to enable you to:

  • Build rapport with any business partner, at any hierarchical level, immediately
  • Demonstrate a collaborative mindset, and gain buy-in from your colleagues and stakeholders
  • Develop and maintain trust by emails, telephone conversations and in meetings.

Workshop Materials

Each participant receives a fully-bound 128 page workbook, which has been designed to enable you to practice with all the tools in the context of your own high-priority business relationships.

The Octagon Behavioural Questionnaire™ is included in the workbook, as well as all worksheets, slides, and strategic planning pages.