de bono Six Thinking Hats®

Think Together More Effectively and Critically

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Available in: English

Course Content

You will understand and learn:

  • The nature of thinking.
  • Why we need to change our behaviour.
  • Why argument is inadequate.
  • Introducing the Six Thinking Hats®.
  • Why very little new thinking is accomplished at meetings.
  • Tools and techniques focusing on each hat.

Using the Six Hats:

  • Single use of the Six Hats.
  • Systematic use of the Six Hats.
  • Frameworks for structuring meetings and focusing thinking.
  • How to turn disagreements into positive contributions.
  • Techniques for opportunity thinking.
  • Programming meetings for a successful outcome.
  • Creating the action plan.

The Six Thinking Hats®:

The Blue Hat
Used to manage the critical thinking process.
The White Hat
Calls for all information, known and needed.
The Red Hat
Signifies deeper feelings, hunches and intuition.
The Black Hat
Considers judgement, caution and difficulties.
The Yellow Hat
Symbolizes brightness, optimism and benefits.
The Green Hat
Focuses on creativity, possibilities and new ideas.