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Don’t Depend on Technology to Communicate

I remember talking to the head of communications for a large company who wanted to hire us for training.

At their offices I noted about 20 empty spaces for all the communications officers.

I asked Jim, “Where is everyone”?

He replied, “They’re all working from home. We actually don’t see each other that often. We send each other a lot of emails, we leave each other a lot of voice-mails but we don’t actually know what everyone looks like.”

I knew we weren’t going to get the job. We weren’t going to “connect.” No relationship would be built.

Getting together is often more important than why you’re getting together.

Technology is a great communication aid, but it won’t cover the whole spectrum of communicating.

Frankly, we believe companies who rely exclusively on communication technologies to communicate will get into problems they haven’t even dreamt about.Companies that spend time and money getting together will be the companies that succeed.

Nothing beats face-to-face communications.

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