Adult Education Principles

Sound Instructional Design

McLuhan & Davies adheres to the principles of adult education. Experience, reflection, thinking, and doing are all part of each module and learning cycle.

Instructors provide theory, demonstrate the theory, and provide unique practice opportunities for individual and small groups. They then facilitate activities, such as the Dice Game in Think on Your Feet® and the video-taped presentations in The Skilled Presenter™.

Our Approach to Delivery — Methodologies

We select methodologies primarily based on adult education principles. We incorporate a range of methods so that all learning preferences are addressed at some point during the module to ensure every participant’s learning needs are met.

Our methodology always includes coaching and feedback, as we know this is a key part of the learning experience. Instructors circulate throughout all practice activities offering support and feedback. Participants frequently comment on the one-on-one attention received throughout our workshops.

Also, our approach to delivery will vary by the degree of experience and knowledge demonstrated by the participants. Our instructors have subject matter depth and expertise to adjust the workshops accordingly. This flexibility is key to both presenting the content and to coaching & feedback. We have found that instructor flexibility ensures we effectively meet the needs of all types of audiences.

Examples of methodologies used in Think on Your Feet® and The Skilled Presenter™

  • Mini-lecture: providing key information for discussion and practice.
  • Facilitated Lecture: using questions to draw out existing participant knowledge which acts as the content for the module.
  • Instructor Demonstrations: ensuring participants can observe and reflect.
  • Video for Self-assessment: promoting observation, reflection, and analysis.
  • Large-group Discussions and Practice Sessions: broadening the experience for subsequent individual and partner practice sessions.
  • Small-group Practice Sessions: increasing interactivity while maintaining a safe environment.
  • Games to Practice and Test Knowledge and Competence: increasing interactivity … and fun!
  • Peer & Instructor Coaching and Feedback: providing continuous improvement strategies.
  • Role-Play Activities: focusing on process for both work related and non-work related situations.
  • Action Learning: simulating workplace situations and challenges.

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